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du International SMS Offer and Packages

du International SMS Offer

du offers several offers which include free SMS and calling plans. These minutes and SMS can be used to use internationally. Du Prepaid customers always have the opportunity to send SMS like Pay As You Go _ at a fixed international SMS rate of AED 0.60 per SMS.

This is the default plan that works on all DU SIMs. If you want to send SMS from UAE to another country, you can avail of the service by subscribing to weekly and monthly plans of DU. DU’s monthly international SMS package offers 200 international SMS at AED 50 the activation USSD code is *135*1*1#.

du International SMS Packages / Offer

du International SMS offer

DU International SMS packages help you stay connected with friends and family around the world. Whether you want to send a quick message or engage in a long conversation, DU has a package that meets your needs. DU offers several options for International SMS You can choose any of the SMS packages offered by DU Prepaid.

Pay As You Go International SMS

Package NameDetailsPrice (AED)
Pay As You Go International SMSSend international SMS at a flat rateAED 0.60 /SMS

Using “Pay As You Go” international SMS flat rate of AED 0.60 set when a customer buys a new prepaid SIM card line. When you send an international SMS it costs AED 0.60 per Text message whether you send one or to hundred messages. If you do not need too much SMS, you can send it without activating the plan which costs you a small amount.

du Monthly International SMS Bundle

Monthly International SMS Bundle200 international SMS
PriceAED 50
ActivationDial *135#1#1#
DeactivationDial *135#2#1#

Dial *135#1#1# and follow the instructions to activate the du monthly international SMS bundle. It costs AED 50 and provides 200 SMS to send all world.

du Weekly International SMS Bundle

Weekly International SMS Bundle100 international SMS
PriceAED 20
Valid for7 days
ActivationDial *135#1#2#
DeactivationDial *135#2#2#

Dial *135#1#2# and follow the instructions to activate the du monthly international SMS bundle. It costs AED 50 and provides 100 SMS to send all world valid for 7 days.

du customers can call du’s customer service at 155 (within UAE) or +971 55 5678155 (from outside UAE) to know more information, activation and deactivation of this bundle. These packages are designed for messaging to international numbers only but if you need local SMS to send within UAE, you can use the Local SMS packages instead.

Supported Countries:

Generally, du has offered many plans and deals to call or SMS in some major destinations which have 100+ countries. You can send SMS in these countries too:

  1. India
  2. Pakistan
  3. Philippines
  4. Bangladesh
  5. Egypt
  6. Saudi Arabia
  7. United Kingdom
  8. United States
  9. Canada
  10. Australia

You can call du helpline 155 and ask a customer representative to provide you with the list of all supported countries using these SMS plans.

Final Words __ du International SMS Offer for Sending SMS Abroad

We know that you need to send wishes messages to your loved ones for Eid, birthday, wedding or other occasions. This is a very old tradition and young boys, and girls around the world have been doing it and will continue to do it.

On such occasions, SMS plans are very much needed which are completed by du in UAE. If you are facing a problem in activating or cancelling the packages then install the Du app on your mobile and log in to solve your problem. You can find more information on our website and filter the plans according to your budget by setting your price.


Can I send local SMS within the UAE using these international SMS packages?

No, International SMS packages are valid for sending messages abroad. You will need to activate Local SMS plans for sending Texts within the UAE. If you will send the SMS locally, you will be charged a standard rate of AED 0.18 per SMS.

How can I deactivate an international SMS package?

Follow the instructions to deactivate international SMS packages.

– Monthly International SMS Offer: Dial *135#2#1#.
Weekly International SMS Offer: Dial *135#2#2#.

Can I Send an SMS without a Package?

Yes, you can send SMS to Local and international numbers. You will be charged a standard rate for sending SMS.

– International: AED 0.60 per SMS
– Local SMS: AED 0.18 per SMS

What should I do if I face issues with my SMS package?

If you encounter any issues with your SMS package, you can contact DU customer service at 155 and use the app or visit the website for assistance.

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