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Etisalat Tourist SIM Card and Prices

Etisalat UAE SIM card tourist plans and offers

Etisalat is the best telecom network in UAE which offers prepaid, postpaid and broadband services in all areas. It is the highest 5G service provider among other networks. In this guide, we will cover the Etisalat tourist SIM card packages, prices and how to buy Etisalat SIM cards a complete guide.

Etisalat New SIM card prices in Dubai or UAE start from AED 49.00 including the package. Tourists can get an Etisalat-free SIM card from any nearest store or airport in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, Ajman and others. Etisalat has made more than 4 offers including a free SIM card starting from AED 49.00 to AED 319 with free calling packages and offers.

Etisalat Visitor SIM Card Packages

Tourist SIM cards are available at the airport with different types of prices and plans. This SIM card is available for free but it does not have any recharge or package If you are brand new and don’t need to make calls, you can buy a SIM-free card.

Free1 GB1 Day
AED 4930 Flexi Mins2 GB28 Days
AED 7930 Flexi Mins4 GB28 Days
AED 125120 Flexi Mins8 GB+ 5 WIFI Hours28 Days
AED 200525 Flexi Mins22.5 GB+ 30 WIFI Hours28 Days
AED 319300 Flexi MinsUnlimited14 Days
AED 200100 Flexi MinsUnlimited7 Days
Etisalat sim card prices for tourists

Etisalat has changed the validity of the AED 319 SIM card from 10 days to 14 days. Now you can buy an Etisalat prepaid tourist SIM card for 14 days and can get unlimited local data and 300 Flexi minutes. In past, Etisalat was providing 100 Flexi minutes which was priced at AED 300 but after changing the price, it increased the calling minutes from 100 to 300. Keep in mind that this price includes 5% VAT. Here are all the packages available for the Etisalat sim card for tourists.

You must ask the representative at the store for a free SIM card only then you will get it. People who want a budget plan that includes calls, internet and everything can buy its second offering. This offer comes with 30 flexi minutes that can be used for calls across any network and country, 2GB of internet and one free visitor SIM card.

Flexi minutes are usable to call within 100 countries or the country. WIFI hours can be used in all countries where Etisalat WIFI is available. SIM cards can be ordered online by visiting the Etisalat website.

Etisalat 7 Days Tourist Plan

People who have visited the UAE for 7 days can now purchase a 7-day tourist SIM card. In this SIM, customers get unlimited local data along with 100 flexi minutes. With these minutes they can make local and international calls to allowed countries. It should be noted that this is a new offer from Etisalat which was launched in 2024.

The SIM is priced at AED 200 inclusive of all taxes. You can buy Etisalat eSIM online and at any airport. If you have an Emirates ID, you can book the number of your choice before landing in the UAE.

Visitor Line Transit Package

Tourists and visitors can get 1GB of data and 10 flexi minutes within AED 50. If you are new in UAE and you are not aware of which SIM card is the best then you can read the Best SIM Card in UAE article which can help you a lot. In addition, customers will get free WIFI for 48 hours. Here are more details:

Visitor Line Transit Package
Calls10 Flexi Minutes
PriceAED 50
Validity48 Hours
  • Visitors can activate the packages by dialling *120*card number#
  • By using the Etisalat app
  • Dial *121# to check the status of your package

Which is the Best SIM Card for Visitors?

If you are going to Dubai for a few days and need calls, you can activate Etisalat’s other offer. With this offer, users get 30 flexi minutes which can be used to make calls anywhere. The price of this package is AED 49 which is valid for 28 days.

If you need more internet and calls, you can activate the Etisalat Visitor Plan Premium. This offer also comes with free Wi-Fi which allows users to use Wi-Fi for 5 hours. This Wi-Fi can be used anywhere in the country where Etisalat Wi-Fi is available. With this plan, the customer also gets 500 MB of data from Gochat.

If you want to use more internet, you can opt for Etisalat Wi-Fi plans. Etisalat also offers a free Wi-Fi facility to its customers through which they can get a Wi-Fi plan of 5 hours to 20 hours. Here are some free WIFI plans for tourists.

How to Get Etisalat Tourist SIM?

To get an Etisalat tourist SIM card you need to have your passport and resident ID. You can show it to Etisalat staff and then buy a tourist SIM card. You can select any of the above-given packages and can buy them.

Order SIM Card Online

You can order a sim card online by calling 101; if you live abroad, you can visit the Etisalat website You have to pay a fee online after this you can get a SIM card from any airport in UAE. Etisalat has provided the facility to choose your favourite number online.

If you live in UAE, you can order a SIM card online and can get it at your provided address. The SIM card will be received within 24 hours.

Go to the Nearest Store

You can go to any nearest store to buy a SIM card. These SIM cards are available also in all airports of the UAE.

  • You can call 101 or dial *101# to activate the package.
  • Visit the Website
  • Go to any nearest Etisalat Store if you live in the UAE
1GB – 4GB5 Hours
4GB/More20 Hours

Etisalat WIFI is available in more than 350 locations. You can connect your mobile phone or any other device anywhere where Etisalat WIFI is available. You have to just enter your mobile number to connect with free WIFI. After using the limited internet, you have to purchase its WIFI packages.

Etisalat Tourist WIFI packages

Etisalat has made unlimited WIFI packages for its customers or non-Etisalat users. These packages are valid for daily, 7 days and monthly. WIFI is available in more than 350 places in all countries. Here are the packages that visitors and anyone can subscribe to use the Internet.

AED 5Unlimited1 Day
AED 20Unlimited7 Days
AED 40Unlimited30 Days

You can connect to WIFI by entering your mobile number. Here is a complete guide to connecting and using the WIFI package.

  1. Open the WIFI and connect it with Etisalat WIFI
  2. In the browser, open any website > it will redirect to you on Etisalat website
  3. Enter your mobile number and verify your number by entering the received OTP there
  4. Your account will be created or you will log in successfully
  5. Now, you can claim free WIFI for 1-4 hours or can subscribe to any WIFI package online

You can get more internet, calling and roaming services by dialling *101# or using the Etisalat UAE app.

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