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How Much Does Wifi Setup Cost in Dubai or All UAE?

Wifi cost in UAE

When the use of the internet starts to increase, everyone starts thinking of installing WiFi. This is because it is cheaper than normal mobile internet packages and also unlimited. People who work online at home or people who use the internet a lot at their workplace can check this post Wifi Setup Cost in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman and Abu Dhabi.

If you compare the internet packages of Etisalat or DU with Fibre or Wi-Fi, there will be a huge difference. Wi-Fi packages are bundled and support multiple devices, with some plans even coming with free TV and free landline calls.

ISPs charge an installation fee. This fee usually ranges from AED 100 to AED 200. If we talk about Wi-Fi at home, generally, the cost of Wi-Fi setup for a basic home in Dubai starts from AED 300. The cost also depends on your requirement as the cost can increase with add-ons and other features.

Wifi Setup Cost in Dubai

In Dubai you can get 2 types of internet, one is fibre and the other is a Wi-Fi router. WiFi routers can be found relatively cheaply over the internet as there are no installation fees and you can install them yourself at home. You can get Etisalat Wifi for your home with a minimum cost of AED 199 with unlimited 5G high-speed internet. If you are on a low budget, you can get this plan and can save installation charges by just installing it yourself.

To install fibre internet at home, call the company or visit their office to apply. The ISP will visit your location and see the location and size of the space. If fibre services are available in your area, they will install internet at your home or office within 7 days. Installation may be free or low-cost depending on promotions, which you will need to contact your new ISP to find out.

Here are the cost details of installation of WIFI at home or office.

Etisalat Home Wi-Fi Plans

Plan NameSpeedMonthly CostInstallation Features
eLife Lite 1212 MbpsAED 299AED 100Cordless Phone, Free Calls to UAE Landlines1
eLife Ultra Starter500 MbpsAED 299 (for 6 months)AED 100187+ HD TV Channels & More 2
eLife Ultra Sports750 MbpsAED 699AED 100262+ HD TV Channels & More 2
eLife Ultra Fusion1 GbpsAED 999AED 100300+ HD TV Channels & More 2
eLife Unlimited Starter250 MbpsAED 389AED 100187+ HD TV Channels & More 2
  1. eLife Lite 12 comes with a Free Wi-Fi router ↩︎
  2. Free 4K TV Box, Wi-Fi Router, and Phone ↩︎

Many times Etisalat runs promotions which can give you free installation. We suggest you first check the promotions by calling the Etisalat helpline 101. There are many features like free TV channels, Free Wi-Fi routers and Free Calls depending on your selected Etisalat eLife plans.

Etisalat Wireless Packages

Plan NameSpeedMonthly Cost (AED)Installation Fee (AED)Features
Wireless 199 Plan100 MbpsAED 1990Wi-Fi Router, Unlimited Internet
Wireless 299 Plan300 MbpsAED 29905G Wireless Router, Unlimited Internet

Du Home Wi-Fi Plans

Plan NameSpeedMonthly CostInstallation
Home Basic Plan250 MbpsAED 399AED 200
Home Advanced Plan500 MbpsAED 499AED 200
Home Premium Plan1 GbpsAED 999AED 200
  • All plans come with a Free Wi-Fi Router, TV Box, Landline

Du Office WiFi Plans

Plan NameSpeedMonthly CostInstallation Fee
Business Basic Plan500 MbpsAED 599AED 200
Business Advanced Plan1 GbpsAED 899AED 200
  • All given Du office Wifi plans come with a WiFi Router, Business Solutions features

Prices Comparison:

When we start comparing Etisalat vs Du internet prices then Etisalat wins by speed. Etisalat offers plans ranging from 12 Mbps at AED 299 to 1 Gbps at AED 999. Du offers plans ranging from 10 Mbps at AED 299 to 1 Gbps at AED 999. Here is the table:

Du10 Mbps at AED 299 to 1 Gbps at AED 999
Etisalat12 Mbps at AED 299 to 1 Gbps at AED 999

Requirements to get Wifi in UAE for Home or Office

  • Emirates ID and its front and back copies
  • Proof of Residency like a utility bill or tenancy contract
  • Your contact details

Steps to Buy WiFi in UAE

  • Choice the Plan: From our given list, select any plan according to your need or visit the Etisalat or Du website to get the plan details
  • Complete Documents and fill out the form: Complete the required documentation or go to the ISP website to fill out the form or go to their office
  • Pay the Fee: Pay the Activation fee or rental fee (Mostly it comes with your next bill).
  • Wait for Service Activation: If you have completed all steps, your ISP will activate services at your home or offices within 7 working days.

Final Words Cost of Wifi in UAE – What Says!

Wi-Fi installation in UAE starts at DH199 per month which means you need to have at least DH200 to install a Wi-Fi. If you buy Wi-Fi plans from Etisalat or DU, they provide you with 5G routers that come with a SIM card.

You have to insert this SIM into the device after which it will start giving Wi-Fi signals after turning it on. It is a cheap and excellent choice especially for those who are on a budget. Its installation is so easy that you can do it yourself and save the installation fee. If you want information about Etisalat or DU packages, select your service provider and view the list.

Hi, I am Saleem Baloch and living in the UAE. After moving to Dubai, I got a lot of experience with telecom and travel here after which I started this blog. I personally tested eSims, physical prepaid and postpaid SIMs in UAE and share my knowledge with people.

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