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Du International Call Offer 7 Fils per Minute – How to Subscribe?

Du International Call Offer 7 fils per Minute

When it comes to the United Arab Emirates international calling plan, Du is the best network according to its prices. All kinds of packages and offers are available to its users, but getting information about them becomes somewhat difficult. We will know about Du International Call Offer 7 Fils per Minute here with a subscribe code and more information.

Du International Call Offer 7 Fils per Minute

Package7 fils per minute
Call Setup Fee1.05 AED
Per Minute Rate7 fils/minute
SubscribeDial *135*70#
Total call Rate1.05 AED + 7 fils x minutes
1 Minute1.05+7 fils = 1.12 AED
2 Minutes1.05+14 fils = 1.19 AED
3 Minutes1.05+21 fils = 1.26 AED
4 Minutes1.05+28 fils = 1.33 AED
5 Minutes1.05+35 fils = 1.40 AED
6 Minutes1.05+42 fils = 1.47 AED

If you need to make international calls while staying in the United Arab Emirates, you can contact your loved ones by activating the Du 7 fils per minute international calling plan. With this offer, all Du users can make calls to any Indian network at 7 fils per minute. Customers can also call *135*70# to activate the Du international call offer in India.

Du International Call Offer 7 Fils


  • To subscribe to the offer, dial *055#
  • Reply with the 11 “More” option
  • Reply with 8 “Voice Packs.”
  • Now, reply with 1 “International Minutes.”
  • “Unlimited Calls to India at 7 /fils per minute” will Appear
  • Reply with 1 to accept it
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS of package activation in a while

After successfully activating Du international calling pack 7 fils per minute, you can call any network in India at the lowest rate. Call setup charges of 1.05 AED per call will be applied when you make a call internationally. If you want to change the offer or country, then you can reply with 2 “Check another deal” after dialling *055#.

How to activate this package using the Du app?

This offer is also available on the Du app which you can subscribe to using this method:

Du International Call Offer 7 Fils per Minute package activation method on app
  • Download and install the Du UAE app on your Android or Apple Device
  • Login to Create a new account in the app
  • Go to the add-ons or promotions
  • Select the International Calling plans
  • Choice 7 fils per minute add-ons from the list
  • Tap on subscribe and confirm it.


Du Customers can also call at *135*70# and then reply with 2 to deactivate the Du 7 fils international call offer. Here is a guide to unsubscribing from this offer:

  • Dial *135*70# and reply with 2 to unsubscribe.
  • Use the Du app or log in to the web
  • Call 155 to deactivate the package

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If you have gone abroad for work or residence, you must call India. For this, you need to know about some of Du’s international offers. This Du offer is for one month, which is very easy to activate. After activating this offer, it doesn’t matter how long you talk.

All you have to do is pay the call setup fee once and then make as many long calls as you like at 7 fils per minute.

Please Note:

  • A call setup fee of AED 1.05 is applicable
  • This package is available for all prepaid customers
  • The offer is not valid for calls made while roaming
  • The offer is not valid for calling satellite phones or premium numbers.

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