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Du Internet Packages 2024: Best Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Offers

Du internet packages

Du is the UAE’s second-largest telecommunications network, which provides prepaid, postpaid, and broadband services. Du Most users use this SIM card for internet purposes because its internet offers are affordable and anyone can subscribe. We will discuss all Du internet packages, wifi packages, and prepaid, postpaid, and broadband packages here.

In this post, Just select the SIM card or connection type and compare the plans. We have added all the latest and new Du data packages which help you to find the best plan according to your needs and budget. Du also provides its new and old internet packages daily, hourly, weekly and monthly for all customers. These packages can be also subscribed to and can seen by dialling USSD code *135#.

Du Internet Packages Prepaid

Unlimited (3Mbps)*222#AED 31 Hour
Unlimited (3Mbps)*222#AED 52 Hours
30MB+2 Local Mins*135#AED 3.1524 Hours
60MB*135*6#AED 2.11 DAY
100MB*135*6#AED 3.151 DAY
120MB (Social)*135*5#AED 3.151 DAY
150MB*135*6#AED 3.0 1 DAY
200MB (Social)*135*5#AED 4.01 DAY
300MB (Social)*135*5#AED 4.01 DAY
Unlimited Social*055*786#AED 10028 Days
155MB@ 5G + Unlimited @192Kbps *135*5#AED 5028 Days
25GB+15GB Social *135#AED 551Monthly
5GB+3GB Social *135#AED 220.5Monthly
1.1GB+1.1GB SocialSend ‘Data AED 110’ to 1355AED 110Monthly
500MB+500MB Social*135#AED 55Monthly
250MB+250MB Social*135#AED 30Monthly
  • Social data is valid for WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and GoChat
  • Some of the packages will be auto-renewed
  • Dial *135# or call helpline 155 from your Du sim to stop and activate any service
  • You can also control your data, calls, and SMS by using the Du app

Du net packages are great options for prepaid customers who wish to get budget-friendly and cheap data. Packages can be subscribed by dialling the *135# menu. Here are many daily, monthly, and yearly net offers for all exciting and new customers which are given below.

Du Combo Internet Plans

30 MB2 Mins *135*3#1#AED 3.1524 Hours
3.5GB+1.5GB WIFI100 Mins*135*3#AED 105Monthly
6GB+3GB WIFI150 Mins*135*3#AED 157Monthly
750 MB15 Mins*135*3#AED 36.75Monthly
1.5GB30 Mins*135*3#AED 52.5Monthly
3GB100 Mins*135*3#AED 105Monthly
6GB150 Mins*135*3#AED 157.5Monthly
2GB30 Mins*135#AED 318.5Yearly
4GB30 Mins*135#AED 514Yearly
6GB30 Mins*135#AED 644 Yearly
10GB30 Mins*135#AED 904Yearly

Yearly plans are valid for 12 months contract in which customers will get 30 minutes and provided data each month. To activate any of the given monthly, hourly, and yearly packages on Du dial *135# or call at 155. Yearly plans have flexi minutes that can be used to call within and outside the country, while other plans monthly and hourly have local calling minutes.

Du Data + Social Monthly Plans

InternetSocialPriceActivation Code
160MB160MBAED 21Data AED 21
200MB200MBAED 25Data AED 25
500MB500MBAED 55Data AED 55
1.1GB1.1GBAED 110Data AED 110
5GB5GBAED 220.5Data AED 210
25GB25GBAED 525Data AED 525
  • Send activation code to 1355 (Ex: “Data AED 525” to 1355)
  • All given packages are valid for 1 month only
  • Social data is valid for using WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and GoChat.

Daily Flexi Plan

Du Daily Flexi plan comes with 30MB of data and 2 daily Flexi minutes for only AED 3.15. This Flexi plan is valid for 1 day with a subscription USSD code is *135*3#1#. Here are the plan details:

  • Data: 30 MB
  • Flexi Calls: 2 minutes
  • Validity: 1 Day
  • Price: AED 3.15
  • Activation Code: Dial *135*3#1#

Prepaid Data Packages with Free Calls

1GB600 MinsAED 150Monthly
2GB1200 MinsAED 250Monthly
4GB2400 MinsAED 450Monthly
10GB5000 MinsAED 1000Monthly

To activate the special data packages Send “ACT NAT phone number” to 1233. Dubaisims always comes first to provide you with full details about sim card packages and offers in UAE. You can use the Du UAE app and web to activate this package. These are du internet packages monthly validity starting price of AED 150 to AED 1000 with free calling minutes.

UAE budget-friendly network Du has added these new packages in which 600 minutes local calling minutes plan is the best. Prepaid customers can get local 600 minutes for only AED 150/month excluding 5% VAT. If you are a prepaid customer and looking for a budget package then it is the best according to calling minutes.

Prepaid Social Packages

UnlimitedAED 100*055*786#Monthly
300MBAED 4.2*135#5#3#2#1 Day
200MBAED 3.15*135#5#3#2#1 Day
120MBAED 2.1*135#5#3#2#1 Day
  • Whatsapp, Snapchat, Botim, Facebook, Instagram, and GoChat
  • To check the balance send Bal to 1355
  • Dial 155 or 800155 to the helpline
  • Send “Du” to 3300 for APN Settings

DU Postpaid Data Only Packages

160MBAED 20Data 160MBA RMonthly
1GBAED 50Data 1GBA RMonthly
3GBAED 100Data 3GBA RMonthly
6GBAED 150Data 6GBA RMonthly
10GBAED 200Data 10GBA RMonthly
40GBAED 500Data 40GBA RMonthly
  • Send activation code to 1355 like “Data 160MBA R” to 1355
  • 5% VAT will be applicable to the prices.
  • These packages are valid for only postpaid users
  • Send ‘balance’ to 1355 to check the data balance

DU Booster Plans

If data is ended before expiry, customers can activate the data boosters and increase the validity of data.

8GBAED 120
12GBAED 160
  • 5% VAT will be applicable to the prices.

The booster plan will end according to the user data package cycle.

For example, if customers have activated the data-only plan and it will end on 11 June then the booster plan will also expire on 11 June.

DU Data Only SIM Plans – Du WIFI Plans

These plans are valid on a 12-month contract only. Customers can avail data only sim plans for 4G, and 5G devices. If you have already a data sim, 4G or 5G Du Wifi device then you can get this offer. Here are some plans that you can activate by calling 155 or dialling *135#.

10GBAED 179
50GBAED 279
  • Prices are including 5% VAT
  • Internet is usable on 4G and 5G devices
  • Prices may be different for new and exciting customers

Du users can get more information by calling 155 or 800 155. If you are coming to UAE then you can get a Du visitor sim card that is available for free and starting from AED 30 with a package. All the users can get a Du Wi-Fi voucher that allows customers to use the internet anywhere in the United Arab Emirates. These packages start from AED 10 to AED 30 or above according to the area.

When the customers will get free WIFI plans, they will be able to use it anywhere within UAE. Where Du WIFI is available in public places restaurants, hotels, parks, stores, and many others customers can use it by entering their mobile number.

If you need a daily internet plan for a short time then you can subscribe to its 1GB daily data offer that costs AED 1 only. Before buying a new wifi connection for your home or office must compare the prices and cost of Wifi for your home in UAE. It will help you to select a better plan and do it fast because helped more than 5 million users.

Here are some shortcodes and basic knowledge about Du UAE:

  • Helpline Number: 155 or 800 155
  • Balance Check: Send “Balance” to 1355
  • Package Activate: Dial *135#
  • Du Website:
  • Terms & Conditions: Visit this link
  • Du app links:

Hi, I am Saleem Baloch and living in the UAE. After moving to Dubai, I got a lot of experience with telecom and travel here after which I started this blog. I personally tested eSims, physical prepaid and postpaid SIMs in UAE and share my knowledge with people.

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