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Etisalat Roaming Packages and Data Packages

Etisalat Roaming packages

Are you look­ing for Eti­salat Roam­ing Pack­ages? If yes, you are in the right place. When you move out of the coun­try, you may need roam­ing ser­vices. This is when you don’t want to change your mobile num­ber and want to oper­ate your same SIM in oth­er coun­tries. Eti­salat is a wide­ly used net­work in the Unit­ed Arab Emi­rates that also offers roam­ing ser­vices. Cus­tomers can avail of the roam­ing offers by dialling *177#.

If you have an Eti­salat SIM and want to use it in oth­er coun­tries, you need to acti­vate its ser­vices, for which the price, pack­ages, and inter­net data pack­ages are pro­vid­ed here. Dubai Sims pro­vides you with all kinds of pack­ages and ser­vices in the Unit­ed Arab Emi­rates.

How to Activate Roaming in Etisalat?

Eti­salat’s roam­ing pack­ages help to run the inter­net on an Eti­salat SIM abroad. It has a vari­ety of inter­net pack­ages that pro­vide both local and roam­ing ser­vices. If you have local inter­net and want to use it abroad, you need to acti­vate add-ons.

Cus­tomers can acti­vate roam­ing ser­vices using this method.

  • To get roam­ing pack­age details and acti­va­tion, cus­tomers have to dial *177#
  • Send ‘ROAMA’ to 1010 for acti­va­tion and sub­scrip­tion
  • Post­paid users can acti­vate roam­ing ser­vices by send­ing the SMS “ASROAM” to 1010

Etisalat Roaming Data Packages Prepaid

These pack­ages are valid for only new and excit­ing Eti­salat pre­paid cus­tomers. You can see the lat­est prices and data band­width giv­en by Eti­salat for roam­ing.

60MB2 AED24 Hours
150MB4 AED24 Hours
2GB100 AEDWeek­ly
500MB35 AED28 Days
1GB50 AED28 Days
2GB80 AED30 Days
3GB100 AED28 Days
6GB150 AED28 Days
10GB200 AED28 Days
20GB300 AED28 Days
50GB600 AED28 Days
(1GB per Day)
38.09 AED30 Days
Eti­salat Data + Social Media Roam­ing Pack­ages
3GB+2GB Social150 AED30 Days
7GB+4GB Social250 AED30 Days
10GB+5GB Social300 AED30 Days
20GB+10GB Social450 AED30 Days
25GB+15GB Social500 AED30 Days
250MB+250MB Social30 AED30 Days
5GB+3GB Social200 AED30 Days
1GB+1GB Social100 AED30 Days
  • Dial *177# to acti­vate any of the giv­en pack­ages
  • Social media apps Face­book, What­sApp, BBM, Twit­ter, LinkedIn and BOTIM can be used on Social data
  • You have to acti­vate inter­net call­ing plans to make audio and video calls

Etisalat Roaming Social Data Packages

1GB49 AED30 Days
600MB12 AED24 Hours
500MB10 AED24 Hours
300MB6 AED24 Hours
200MB5 AED24 Hours
  • Dial *177# from your phone and select the data pack­age accord­ing to your need
  • You can also use the Eti­salat UAE app to acti­vate these plans
  • You can use Social media apps Face­book, What­sApp, BBM, Twit­ter, LinkedIn and BOTIM can be used on Social data
  • Eti­salat will select auto­mat­i­cal­ly a net­work in oth­er coun­tries that will pro­vide you with roam­ing ser­vices.

Etisalat Umrah and Hajj Roaming Packages

Calls650 min­utes UAE and KSA
50 Min­utes for pre­ferred coun­tries
Price100 AED
Valid7 Days
Acti­va­tionDial *177# and fol­low the instruc­tions

Eti­salat has spe­cial­ly designed roam­ing pack­ages for Sau­di Ara­bia for those peo­ple who go to KSA for Hajj and Umrah. These pack­ages include free inter­net and calls to Sau­di Ara­bia and oth­er coun­tries which can be done with­out chang­ing the SIM. This pack­age offers 7GB of inter­net data and 650 call­ing and receiv­ing min­utes.

Etisalat Roaming Plans

When you go to Hajj and Umrah from UAE, you do not need to buy a new trav­eller SIM card or change the num­ber. Just dial *177# and acti­vate your roam­ing ser­vices then use all the ser­vices at home in abroad. This pack­age price is AED 100 per week includ­ing 5% VAT.

650 call­ing min­utes are usable to call and receive calls to UAE and KSA (Mobi­ly, STC, Zain) net­works. Eti­salat Hajj and Umrah plan also pro­vides 50 min­utes for voice to oth­er pre­ferred net­works Mobi­ly, STC, Zain, and oth­er coun­tries.

Prepaid Etisalat Roaming Call Packages

When you trav­el with­in the coun­try or abroad, you can use all ser­vices using Eti­salat roam­ing ser­vices. You will not dis­con­nect from the world but still be con­nect­ed through call­ing and social media. Here are the details of oth­er roam­ing pack­ages pro­vid­ed by Eti­salat.

Roam­ing Week­ly Com­bo Pack: This plan comes with 300 call­ing min­utes and 3.5GB data for only 150 AED per week includ­ing 5% VAT. It is a nor­mal plan at a good price accord­ing to call and inter­net. This plan can be acti­vat­ed on pre­paid Eti­salat SIM by call­ing *177#. 300 min­utes can be used for call­ing and receiv­ing calls in pre­ferred coun­tries and net­works.

Roam­ing Week­ly Data Pack: The best plan for inter­net ser­vice users is that it offers 2GB of inter­net. With this plan, you can use any web and app even social apps like Face­book, Twit­ter, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. This plan does not include any call­ing plan and can be availed for 100 AED per week.

Roam­ing Dai­ly Com­bo Plan: This plan is valid for one day which pro­vides 1GB of inter­net as well as 15 call­ing min­utes to the users. It costs 60 AED which can be a bit pricey if you do dai­ly acti­va­tion. If you are look­ing for a pack­age for the week, you can acti­vate the week­ly com­bo plans.

You can see all new pre­paid roam­ing pack­ages in this table:

Prepaid Roaming Packages Calls and Internet

Umrah & Hajj7GB650 mins7 Days100 AED
Week­ly Com­bo3.5GB300 mins7 Days150 AED
Week­ly Data2GB-7 Days100 AED
Busi­ness Class5GB500 minsMonth­ly600 AED
Econ­o­my Class2GB60 minsMonth­ly350 AED
First Class10GB1000 minsMonth­ly1000 AED
Dai­ly Com­bo1GB15 minsDai­ly60 AED
Dai­ly Data500MB-Dai­ly25 AED
  • Cus­tomers can acti­vate these plans by dialling *177# and using the Eti­salat UAE app.

Etisalat Postpaid Roaming Packages

Umrah & Hajj150 AED10GB1000 mins7 Days
Home Week­ly Data100 AED25GB-7 Days
Home Week­ly Voice200 AED-3000 Outg+500 Inco mins7 Days
Week­ly Voice & Data250 AED25GB3000 mins Outg7 Days
Week­ly Com­bo250 AED2.5GB500 mins7 Days
Month­ly Data (One-time)350 AED40GB-7 Days
Month­ly Voice400 AED -3000 Outg+500 Inco minsMonth­ly
Month­ly Voice & Data (Auto-renew)500 AED40GB3000 mins outgMonth­ly
Month­ly Voice & Data (One-Time)650 AED40GB3000 mins outgMonth­ly
Econ­o­my Class350 AED2GB60 minsMonth­ly
Busi­ness Class600 AED5GB500 minsMonth­ly
First Class1,000 AED10GB1000 minsMonth­ly
Dai­ly Data35 AED500MB-Dai­ly
Dai­ly Com­bo60 AED1GB15 minsDai­ly

If you have a post­paid SIM, it has the best and most amaz­ing offers for trav­ellers. Its dai­ly cheap­est post­paid roam­ing pack­age pro­vides 1GB of data and 15 min­utes for mak­ing and receiv­ing calls valid for 1 day. Its price is AED 60 and you can also get a 35 AED plan that pro­vides 500 MB of data. Dai­ly roam­ing pack­age selec­tion depends on user needs and bud­get.

Post­paid Roam like the home week­ly voice and data plan is offer­ing 25GB of data and 3000 min­utes to any pre­ferred part­ner. It costs 250.00 AED per week valid for 7 days and can be sub­scribed by dial­ing *177#. This pack­age does not allow you to receive calls from abroad but you can make calls using these min­utes. It is offer­ing good ser­vices at a rea­son­able price.

If you need call­ing min­utes on the same bud­get, you can acti­vate the Com­bo week­ly pack that pro­vides 500 min­utes for receiv­ing and call­ing and 2.5GB roam­ing data for only 250.00 AED per week.

Umrah and Hajj Packages

Enjoy free min­utes and data for 14 days instead of 7 days in 2024. Dur­ing Umrah or Hajj in Sau­di Ara­bia, cus­tomers can call any num­ber of Sau­di Ara­bia net­works Zain, Mobi­ly and STC. Peo­ple going for Hajj and Umrah can make and receive calls to Sau­di Ara­bia, Unit­ed Arab Emi­rates and oth­er coun­tries (lim­it­ed options) using these pack­ages.

If you go to Sau­di Ara­bia, you won’t face sig­nal prob­lems there because Eti­salat is con­nect­ed to all three net­works includ­ing Mobi­ly, STC and Zain. It auto­mat­i­cal­ly selects the net­work with the most sig­nals and pro­vides you with a fast and good ser­vice. This roam­ing pack­age is avail­able for both pre­paid and post­paid cus­tomers which I am writ­ing below.


This pack­age is avail­able for pre­paid cus­tomers who can get 650 incom­ing and out­go­ing min­utes in KSA and UAE. 50 min­utes can be used for call­ing oth­er pre­ferred coun­tries, exclud­ing KSA. Include 7GB of data, cus­tomers can get it in AED 100 valid for 14 days.

Postpaid: (Updated)

Post­paid cus­tomers can get 10GB of mobile data and 1000 incom­ing and out­go­ing min­utes in KSA, UAE and oth­er pre­ferred coun­tries. This pack­age is valid for 14 days instead of 7 days if you sub­scribe for a lim­it­ed time (Must check the offer by con­firm­ing by call­ing Eti­salat 101). While liv­ing in KSA, you can call all local and land­line num­bers in KSA and UAE includ­ing some inter­na­tion­al num­bers.

You may have to pay more expen­sive call rates when you con­tact your loved ones for longer peri­ods. I would sug­gest you sub­scribe to this pack­age to avoid pay­ing high charges. In this post, I am not doing any kind of mar­ket­ing but giv­ing you some kind of advice.

Best Etisalat Postpaid Roaming Call and Data Packages

Many offers are not pro­vide the call-receiv­ing facil­i­ties on Eti­salat. You have to pay for receiv­ing calls from any­where who­ev­er, you have cred­it in your phone. The week­ly home voice plan pro­vides 3000 Out­go­ing min­utes and 500 Incom­ing call­ing min­utes.

Peo­ple who talk a lot and need to talk can take full advan­tage of this offer. Eti­salat charges you 3 AED per minute if you make calls with­out any pack­age but you can­not receive calls from it.

You have to acti­vate a sep­a­rate pack­age to receive the call. If you acti­vate a week­ly home voice plan that does not pro­vide inter­net access, you can eas­i­ly receive calls from any net­work and make calls to a pre­ferred loca­tion. You can get 500 min­utes for receiv­ing calls from any­where and 3000 min­utes to call on pre­ferred loca­tions and net­works.

  • To dis­able roam­ing ser­vices text ‘CSROAM’ to 1010
  • To check the pack­age details dial *170# and fol­low the instruc­tions
  • You can also call 101 to know and talk with a cus­tomer rep­re­sen­ta­tive

Etisalat roaming charges

These prices will be applied to all those users with SIM cards who use the roam­ing ser­vices with­out any pack­age.

  • Incom­ing Calls:
    • AED 4.25/min (Rest Of The World)
    • AED 0.808/min (GCC coun­tries)
    • AED 5.25/min (Satel­lite, Mar­itime & Flight Oper­a­tors*)
  • Out­go­ing call to the UAE:
    • AED 2.203**/min (GCC coun­tries)
    • AED 9.50/min (Rest Of The World)
    • AED 15/min (Satel­lite, Mar­itime & Flight Oper­a­tors*)
  • Out­go­ing local call:
    • AED 0.881/min (GCC coun­tries)
    • AED 4.50/min (Rest Of The World)
    • AED 10/min (Satel­lite, Mar­itime & Flight Oper­a­tors*)
  • Out­go­ing call to oth­ers:
    • AED 9/min (GCC coun­tries)
    • AED 13/min (Rest Of The World)
    • AED 15/min (Satel­lite, Mar­itime & Flight Oper­a­tors*)
  • Out­go­ing SMS:
    • AED 0.22/SMS (GCC coun­tries)
    • AED 2/SMS (Rest Of The World)
    • AED 4/SMS (Satel­lite, Mar­itime & Flight Oper­a­tors*)
  • Incom­ing SMS:
    • Free
    • Free (Rest Of The World)
    • Free (Satel­lite, Mar­itime & Flight Oper­a­tors*)
  • Data:
    • AED 0.04626/30KB
    • AED 1/30KB (Post­paid) (Rest Of The World)
    • AED 1.5/30KB (Pre­paid) (Rest Of The World)
    • AED 1/10KB (Post­paid & Pre­paid in Lebanon) (Rest Of The World)
    • AED 1/30KB (Post­paid), AED 1.5/30KB (Pre­paid) (Satel­lite, Mar­itime & Flight Oper­a­tors*)


Now the deci­sion is yours, which pack­age you have to acti­vate accord­ing to your needs. We have added the com­plete details and all Eti­salat roam­ing pack­ages with prices, data, and all impor­tant infor­ma­tion. You can dial *177# and also use the Eti­salat UAE app to acti­vate, deac­ti­vate, and make your plan. If you want to know about Eti­salat local data plans vis­it our pre­vi­ous post Eti­salat inter­net pack­ages. While trav­el­ling, you can also see all net­work infor­ma­tion on our home­page link.

Is Etisalat Roaming Services Free?

Yes, is free but you have to buy its data and call­ing plans to receive, send SMS and calls or use the inter­net.

How to activate roaming service while living abroad not in UAE?

Call to Eti­salat help cen­tre use the Eti­salat app and acti­vate the Roam­ing ser­vice from your Eti­salat UAE account. If you have an inter­net issue, you can con­nect your phone to any hotspot in your coun­try or con­nect to Wifi.

Hi, I am Saleem Baloch and living in the UAE. After moving to Dubai, I got a lot of experience with telecom and travel here after which I started this blog. I personally tested eSims, physical prepaid and postpaid SIMs in UAE and share my knowledge with people.

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