UAE Residents can Double Their Income with WIFI Services
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UAE Residents can Double Their Income with WIFI Services

People residing in the United Arab Emirates can increase their income by offering Wi-Fi services. Many people are already doing this work, but those who are unaware of this opportunity can enhance their earnings with the help of this post.

There are two major internet service providers in the United Arab Emirates, among which are Etisalat and Du. Etisalat is slightly more expensive, but its services are excellent, contrary to Du, which offers budget-friendly packages with good services.

Etisalat is not available everywhere, so another company has been introduced under the name Five. Du also did not lag behind and established its own company under the name Virgin Mobile. If you live in the UAE, you may know about these companies, or you may wonder to read about these companies’ owners. Virgin Mobile UAE is the MVNO by Du and Five is the MVNO by Etisalat UAE.

Many people come to work in the United Arab Emirates and arrange accommodation with a room. In many places, internet services are not available, so people use the internet of these companies.

You can also earn extra income by doing the same. For this, you need to install internet services in your room. By doing this, you can charge a specific monthly amount from each individual. From the company, you can purchase unlimited internet and provide it to people on a monthly rent through Wi-Fi services. It is a good way, and there are no restrictions on it.

Best Home and Office Wi-Fi packages and Internet Providers

Here are the latest prices and home internet packages in UAE:

Etisalat UAE: The eLife unlimited plan costs AED 389 per month with a download speed of 250Mbps. This package comes with Basic TV and free landline calls. You can share this connection with more than 15 people and can get a fee according to your connection. It is not a single package, there are too many packages available.

Etisalat Home Internet packages

Du UAE: Home unlimited plan costs 199 AED per month with a 100Mbps download speed. This plan does not come with free TV channels, some packages have free landline calls. Before getting the Du package, you can call to Du helpline or visit the Du center.

Du Internet Packages

Virgin UAE: As I told you above Virgin Mobile is an MVNO company, that provides an unlimited data plan with a 100Mbps connection and 299 AED per month. You can buy and order the new connection at your home and office by using the Virgin Mobile UAE website and ordering the connection online.

Virgin Internet Packages

These packages can be activated by calling their customer support and visiting the office. We also have added all ISP internet packages on this website which you can see and can get according to your budget, and speed.

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