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Etisalat WhatsApp Package – Monthly, Weekly, Daily

Etisalat is one of the best telecommunication networks in UAE which provides calling, internet and value-added services. King of the Social app “WhatsApp” is our most used and needed. So, those people who live in UAE always need an Etisalat WhatsApp package to connect with their friends, families and loved-ons.

UAE’s best network Etisalat UAE offers different types of social packages including WhatsApp packages for daily, weekly and monthly. Special WhatsApp packages are not available but social packages are available to use WhatsApp.

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Etisalat offers a variety of monthly, daily and weekly offers as well as add-ons to meet customers’ needs. There are also heavy data packages with more MB that allow users to use Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, WeChat, Snapchat, Instagram, BOTIM* and C’Me and WhatsApp.

If you want a cheap data package, you can use WhatsApp with a 150 MB social package that costs only 2 AED. In addition, the low-cost social package 1GB offers data priced at AED 49 and allows users to access Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and LinkedIn. Internet Speed after 1GB usage reduces to 64 Kbps after a fair usage limit.

Etisalat WhatsApp Package

Social DataPriceValidityActivation
1GBAED 49MonthlyText “SP” to 1010
3+2GBAED 149MonthlyDial *101#
1+1GBAED 100Monthly Dial *170*1# or *101#
25+15GBAED 500MonthlyDial *170*1# or *101#
150MB/DayAED 42MonthlyDial *170*1# or *101#
250MB/DayAED 63MonthlyDial *170*1# or *101#
  • All prices are VAT-inclusive
  • Multiple subscriptions will be allowed
  • Dial *101# and follow the instructions to activate any social data package

Social Weekly Data Packages

150MB/DayAED 157 Days
250MB/DayAED 257 Days
  • Weekly social packages include Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, WeChat, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and the Internet Calling Plan Apps (text only).
  • All prices are VAT-inclusive
  • Dial *101# and follow the instructions to activate any package.

Daily Social WhatsApp Packages

Social DataPriceValidityActivation
150MBAED 2Daily Text “DSP” to 1010
120MBAED 2DailyDial *170*1#
  • Daily social packages include Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, WeChat, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram and the Internet Calling Plan Apps (text only).
  • Multiple subscriptions will be allowed
  • All prices are VAT-inclusive

Etisalat also offers several offers to users that allow them to get internet data in addition to social. Such offers are available in monthly packages, including 1+1GB data, priced at AED 100. Under this offer, users get 1GB of data for social apps and 1GB of data for internet browsing. Prices of all these offers are 5% VAT-inclusive.

If you activate the 1GB Whatsapp package, it is the cheapest plan for you. If you make HQ video calls, the 1GB of data can end in a few hours or days. You can learn more about 1GB data use on WhatsApp here.

All the given offers are for prepaid users which can be activated by dialling *101# or *170#. If users have the Etisalat app installed, they can activate these packages from the packages section after logging into the app. With the WhatsApp package, users can send and receive messages, make audio and video calls, and share and receive documents, photos and videos. Packages that provide data daily reset the data every night.

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