Du International Call Offer 10 fils

Du International Call Offer 10 fils

If you are a Du user and looking for international calling plans to call your friends, family, and loved ones, then here is an amazing offer. With the Du International Call Offer 10 fils per minute, customers can call India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other countries at the lowest cost.

Those who come from Bangladesh, China, India, and Pakistan can now activate this offer and make calls to select countries at 10 fils per minute. This incredible rate allows you to have long conversations with your loved ones without having to worry about high costs. Users can activate this package and call any country at the lowest rates.

PackageInternational Call Offer
Calls10 fils per minute
Call Setup ChargesAED 1.05
Total Cost1 minute = AED 1.15
2 minutes = AED 1.25
3 minutes = AED 1.35
4 minutes = AED 1.45
5 minutes = AED 1.55
6 minutes = AED 1.65
7 minutes = AED 1.75
8 minutes = AED 1.85
9 minutes = AED 1.95
10 minutes = AED 2.05

We have explained the per-minute calling price from Du to Bangladesh, China, India, and Pakistan. Let’s learn how to activate this offer and where we can use it. If you have a visitor SIM, you can also activate this offer.

Du International Call Offer 10 fils Subscribe

To subscribe to the Du International Call Offer 10 fils, dial *135*005#> and reply with “1”. After activation of this package they can call any network in the selected country. You can also use the Du UAE app and log in to your account for bundle activation.

Du UAE imposes a call setup fee of AED 1.05 for each call made to other countries’ networks.


To unsubscribe from this package, dial *135*005#> and reply with “0”. The package will be removed from your SIM card, and you cannot call at low rates to other countries.

The price of these packages may change from time to time. You can activate it by calling Du’s helpline or checking the new price of this package from the app.

If you notice any changes in its price, you can inform us. Du 7 fils per minute, 2 fils per minute, and 5 fils per minute international calling plans are already given on our website. You can stay connected with your friends and family by using them.

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