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FREE 50 GB Data In DU – How to Get it ?

FREE 50 GB Data In DU

You might have been getting FREE 50 GB Data In Du on the occasion of UAE Independence Day. All prepaid users availed the full benefits of this offer but after 2021 the limit has been drastically reduced and now 5GB data is available in 2022 and 2023.

DU provides users with 50 GB data for 7 days which was 5 GB last year. This data is provided once a year only on UAE Independence Day. If you try to activate this offer during the remaining days, you will be unsuccessful.

How to Avail FREE 50 GB DATA IN DU

DU offers this offer to its postpaid and prepaid customers every December and it is also likely that DU will offer 50GB data or 55GB in December 2024. If you want to get DU Unlimited Internet, keep an eye on DU news every December. As soon as it is announced, you need to activate it immediately.

There are various procedures to get the package that you can follow and also check whether you are eligible for it or not.

  • Dial *055# from your phone
  • Go for special discounts or data plans
  • If you have the Independence Day Offer Show on the list, you can activate it.
  • Try to enter the packages section or DU app on 2 December so that you don’t miss this offer.

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