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Etisalat Missed Call Alert – Phone is OFF, Busy or Unreach be Informed

Missed Call alert Etisalat service

Sometimes, we miss calls from our loved ones and workmates when our phones are busy, unreachable or powered off. Those people who are using Etisalat SIM cards can enjoy the free facility of Missed call alerts. Now, when your mobile is OFF, Busy and Unreachable and someone calls you, you will receive a notification through SMS when you Turn ON your phone.

This service is FREE but you have to subscribe to it to get the Missed call notifications. Etisalat has a service called “Missed Call Notification” which activation methods are below:

For Busy*67*134##67#
Unreachable or Switched OFF*62*134##62#

Any prepaid and postpaid customer can activate and use this service for free. You have to activate it according to your need by dialling *67*135# for busy and *62*134# if your phone is OFF or unreachable.

Why it is important to activate this service?

If you are a businessman, field worker, housewife or do any type of work then you must activate this service. This will let you know about the missed call so that you can call back.

I use this service because it is completely free. Secondly, if a person or family members call you in an emergency and the phone is idle, switched off or unable to receive the call for some reason. When the phone is turned on again, you will get a notification through a message. This will make it easier to find out if you call back.

Miss call service can also be cancelled easily with the codes I have given above. Using this method you can learn how to see missed calls when the phone is OFF. If you want to know more about Etisalat services, you can find it at

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