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Best Unlimited Internet Packages in UAE on Eid 2024

Best Unlimited Internet Packages in UAE

Eid ul Fitr 2024 is coming soon in UAE and we know you are excited to know about discounts from your carriers. In UAE, many employees and workers need internet plans at discounted prices to talk with their friends families and loved ones abroad. If you are looking for the best cheap and budget-friendly internet and video calling plans, here I have added the latest deals for you. After researching all carriers Etisalat and DU, I came here with the best unlimited internet packages in UAE that you can subscribe to on the Eid ul Fitr 2024 offer.

What is Eid ul Fitr 2024 Offer by Etisalat & DU?

We know that you are looking for the Etisalat Eid offer and Du Eid offers on Eid 2024. So, here we are showing you the all prices and package details including subscribing USSD codes.

Du Low Price Internet Offers for Eid

You can subscribe to Du hourly plans which provide unlimited internet data at a little cost. Hourly internet package costs AED 3 and 2 Hour internet plan costs AED 5. Both plans have unlimited data and can be used for watching videos, streaming, Gaming and social browsing.

Unlimited (3Mbps)*222#AED 31 Hour
Unlimited (3Mbps)*222#AED 52 Hours
30MB+2 Local Mins*135#AED 3.1524 Hours
60MB*135*6#AED 2.11 DAY
100MB*135*6#AED 3.151 DAY
120MB (Social)*135*5#AED 3.151 DAY
150MB*135*6#AED 3.01 DAY
200MB (Social)*135*5#AED 4.01 DAY
300MB (Social)*135*5#AED 4.01 DAY

I added this list because these plans come under AED 10. If you need more unlimited packages and plans I am providing you the list of these packages too.

DU Unlimited Internet Packages in UAE

Unlimited (3Mbps)*222#AED 31 Hour
Unlimited (3Mbps)*222#AED 52 Hours
Unlimited Social*055*786#AED 10028 Days
155MB@ 5G + Unlimited @192Kbps*135*5#AED 5028 Days

Social data is valid for WhatsApp, Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, and GoChat. In the AED 50 unlimited plan, customers can enjoy 155MB of data at high speed and unlimited data at @192Kbps speed. This bundle is amazing because it has unlimited data which comes under AED 50. You can browse any web, or social media app, watch videos and play the games for 28 days.

Etisalat Low Price Internet Offers on EID

Etisalat is currently offering cheap internet but the amount of MB available in them is less. Some offers are available with Flexi minutes and local minutes including social data. Using free Flexi minutes you can use for calling in UAE or abroad (Only selected countries).

AED 36.75500MB25 Mins28 DaysAC COMBO35
AED 36.751GB50 Mins28 DaysAC COMBO50
AED 42150MB/Day28 Days
AED 25250MB/Day7 Days
AED 15150MB/Day7 Days
AED 4250MB1 Day
AED 2.5150MB1 Day
To activate any offer dial *101# and follow the instructions.

If you need unlimited internet plans you can activate Etisalat local plans. There are 2 types of unlimited plans which are local and flexible. The prices of these plans are some high but it is the best because they have unlimited data usage. Check the prices and offers of these packages.

Etisalat Unlimited Internet Packages in UAE

DetailsLocal PlanFlexi Plan
PriceAED 80AED 80
Unlimited Data@64Kbps@64Kbps
High Speed Data1GB1GB
Calls100 Minutes50 Minutes
Validity28 Days28 Days

In the local plan, customers can call any number within UAE for up to 100 minutes for 28 days. If you need local and international calls then the Flexi plan is the best. You can activate it and can get 50 Flexi minutes for calling abroad and in UAE including 1GB high-speed data and unlimited data at @64Kbps speed. You can dial *101# and follow the instructions to activate the packages.

Here are some more plans that can help you on Eid to connect with your friends and family on social and calls.

Best All in One Offers in UAE by Etisalat

Flex CallsPriceBonusSocial
30 MinsAED 33500 MB500 MB
60 MinsAED 42.85500 MB500 MB
90 MinsAED 52.38500 MB500 MB
30 MinsAED 47.611GB1GB
60 MinsAED 57.141GB1GB
Dial *101*50# to activate any of the given packages.
  • Flexi minutes are valid for calling India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Philippines, Nepal, Egypt, Afghanistan and UAE.

UAE WIFI Hotspots

As you know the Internet in UAE is costly, especially for mobile phone networks. Therefore, people use a WIFI plan, which costs a little in a home. It is not recommended to use mobile internet data for downloading purposes because it will end before expiry. According to WIFI is the best for using the internet which is available in different places like restaurants, public places, hotels and parking stations.

I am going to show you the WIFI plans in UAE which you can subscribe to and use the unlimited data. To do this, you need a Du or Etisalat SIM which will help to create a WIFI account.

How to get Unlimited Internet in UAE using WIFI?

Follow me step by step below to activate the Onetime WIFI hotspot plan.

  • Connect to any Open network in the UAE
  • Open any webpage in your mobile internet browser
  • You will be redirected to a login page
  • If you already have an account then log in otherwise create a new account
  • It will ask for your phone number which you have to enter to verify it through receiving OTP
  • After creating a successful account, you can buy a WIFI plan according to your needs.

Wi-Fi both DU and Etisalat is available everywhere. You can use free Wi-Fi unlimited all over UAE or Dubai after paying the given price. Whether you want to download or use social media, it’s the best and most budget-friendly for everyone.

UAE WIFI Prices – Etisalat and Du

24 hoursAED 5AED 2
7 DaysAED 20AED 10
28 DaysAED 40AED 25
Prices are *Inclusive of 5% VAT.

If you use your mobile phone network data, it will cost you more, but the speed may be faster than Wi-Fi. Another advantage of mobile data is that no matter where you are in the country, your internet connection does not stop. Wi-Fi is only good for areas and cities where it is available.

Keep in mind that WIFI hotspot connections are valid for one time only.

Hi, I am Saleem Baloch and living in the UAE. After moving to Dubai, I got a lot of experience with telecom and travel here after which I started this blog. I personally tested eSims, physical prepaid and postpaid SIMs in UAE and share my knowledge with people.

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