How to Borrow Credit from Du – Du Loan Code

How to Borrow Credit from Du

At every corner of life, we may sometimes have to go through such a situation that there is no credit in our mobile phones. In this case, if we are using a Du SIM card, it also offers us the facility of borrowing a credit of AED 5. Users can borrow credit from the company during tough times and pay it back later. In this blog post, I will tell you about how to borrow credit from Du and what is the Du loan code.

Du provides us with 2 types of loan credit options:

  1. Borrow Credit from Du of AED 5
  2. Get local and international 3 minutes calls, charges AED 1.50 (+5% VAT) per call.

How to Borrow Credit from Du?

You can borrow a credit of AED 5 but for this, you must have used at least AED 10 from your sim in a month. You should be using Du SIM for at least 3 months after which you will be eligible for this service. If you follow all these conditions you can get a borrow of AED 5 using this method:

Method 1: Using USSD Code

  • Dial *108#
  • Press or reply with 2 where the “Borrow Credit” option appears.
  • You will receive a confirmation SMS of “Amount Credited”
  • To check the latest balance/credit information dial *135# > 1 > 1.

Method 2: Get Du Advance Balance by SMS

If you have not got a loan yet, you can send an SMS to 1080 and follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the messages and Send “5” to 1080.
  2. You will receive a confirmation SMS of AED 5 credited to your account

After getting the 5 AED credit, the next time when you recharge your SIM, Du will deduct AED 5 + AED 1 (service charges) from your account. These service charges include 5% VAT.

Du Zero Credit Call

Du is also offering free local and international calls but it has some service charges that you have to pay on the next recharge. This service is called Zero Credit Call and it auto starts work when a user credit is below 0.5 fils. After connecting the call AED 1.50 +(5% VAT) per call service charges will be deducted on your next recharge.

  • You can activate the service by sending an SMS “AUTO ON” to 1080.
  • To deactivate Out of credit service Send “AUTO OFF” to 1080.

How does this Service Work?

Under this service, if your balance is low, you can make 3 minutes of calls. While making a call you start hearing an announcement and the call will be connected after a beep.

If you don’t wish to make a call, you can decline call before the next person attends it. On the other hand, if the customer does not attend the call, no service charges will be applicable.

If you want to be free from redundancy charges then with this service you can make free calls in case of compulsion or emergency. If you take a credit of AED 5 you have to pay it on the next recharge with AED 1 fee. When you call with Zero credit call service you have to pay the amount until the call is connected otherwise not.


How to get Du’s advance balance?

Dial *180# and reply with 2. You will receive an SMS of AED 5 credited to your account.

I am unable to get the Du loan, What happened?

You have not completed the requirements or have not paid the previous borrow credit. You must have 3 months 3-month-old Du customer and have used at least AED 10 in a month. If you have not paid your previous loan amount, you cannot get it again till you return it.

How to deactivate Du Zero Credit Call?

You can stop Du Zero Credit Call by sending “AUTO OFF” to 1080.

How can I check whether I have already given the borrowed credit or not?

You can dial *180# and follow the instructions to know the status. If you already take the loan, you will get an SMS to return the credit.

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