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How to Block Promotional SMS in UAE – Etisalat, Du, Virgin

How to Block Promotional SMS in UAE - Etisalat, Du and Virgin

Blocking Promotional SMS has become very important today as companies always inform individuals through SMS about their promotions and products. There is bulk SMS software available in the market which contains numbers of millions of people and is specially targeted for marketing purposes. In this post, we will provide complete information on how to block Promotional SMS in UAE for all carriers Etisalat, Du & Virgin Mobile.

You can block such types of SMS using the Telecommunications and Digital Government Regulatory Authority (TDRA) guide. All customers by Etisalat, DU and Virgin can block advertisement messages using the given method.

How to Block Promotional SMS

  • Go to Messages > Type “Ball” and send it to 7726
  • All the advertisement messages will be blocked, starting from “AD-” for example “AD-SHOP”.

If you don’t want to block all ads, you also have the option to block specific ads which you can use like this.

  • Type “B Advertiser Shop Name/Number” (Example: B AD-SHOP) or (B 123) and send it to 7726.

You can also send an SMS Helpto 7726 and get the list of codes, which will help you to block, and unblock marketing SMS.

How to unblock all promotional SMS?

Users can unblock the blocked advertisements SMS if they want by following the method below.

  • Go to the messages, Write “UALL” and send it to 7726.

Get the list of all blocked senders

You can get the list of all blocked senders by sending an SMS “GET” to 7726.

Block Promotional SMSs from a Specific Segment/Category

From the given list, you can block advertisements in any segment. To block any segment which is given below send “B <segment name>” to 7726 (Example: Send “B Banking” to 7726).

  • Banking
  • Retail
  • Tourism
  • Education
  • Health
  • Real-Estate
  • Charity

Unblock Promotional SMSs from a Specific Segment/Category

You can Unblock advertisements in any segment. To unblock any segment send “U <segment name>” to 7726 (Example: Send “U Banking” to 7726).

How to block marketing calls

The United Arab Emirates government has introduced a system for people to block marketing calls called the Do Not Call Registry (DNCR). You can block spam calls by using this service. To avoid the problem of receiving telemarketing and promotional calls, you can register your number in DNCR.

All the individuals who live in UAE can report and block spam calling by visiting and filling out the form. Here is a quick guide which you follow to block spam calling and marketing calls to any Etisalat, Du and Virgin Mobile number.

  • Block marketing calls, Type and Send ‘DNCR‘ to 1012.
  • To unblock marketing calls, Send SMS ‘UDNCR‘ to 1012.
  • Check the number status, and Send an SMS “Check IDNCR” to 1012.

Block Calls or SMS on Etisalat:

Etisalat users can send “DNC” to 1451 and can block all promotional SMS and calls. When you have signed up for this service, you will receive an SMS;

Thank you for registering for Etisalat’s – ‘Do – not – call’ listing service. You will not be receiving any further promotional calls from Etisalat from next month onwards.

Visit the Etisalat website > and add your number to process the Block/Unblock Promotional SMS.

Block Calls or SMS on Etisalat:

Block Calls and SMS on Du UAE

Du customers can block spammy calls, marketing SMS and calls by using the following method.

  • Go to the Messages and Send “blank SMS” to 5293.
  • Follow the instructions to block, unblock and get the information on the DNC service.

Final Words:

The given method of blocking promotional SMS in the UAE is useful for all telecom carriers. We added the all information after checking it on our Etisalat and DU SIMs. To avoid spam and fraud calls we already published a post How to Know Caller Name and ID in UAE.

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