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How to Activate Etisalat Monthly Social Data Package

Etisalat Monthly Social Data Package

Eti­salat has many inter­net pack­ages out of which social pack­ages play a very impor­tant role. Eti­salat Month­ly Social Data Pack­age is used much more than a nor­mal data pack­age. Find­ing these types of pack­ages becomes a bit dif­fi­cult, so we are here with Eti­salat Social Month­ly Pack­ages for you. This will give you social free­dom for a whole month. With this pack­age, you can send or receive mes­sages, calls, video calls, and doc­u­ments on social apps.

How to Activate Etisalat Monthly Social Data Package

To acti­vate the month­ly social data pack­age send the Text “AC UMS” to 1012. You will be charged AED 49 and will receive 1GB of data dai­ly for 28 days. You can use it for social media apps includ­ing Face­book, Mes­sen­ger, What­sApp, GoChat, Twit­ter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, WeChat, Insta­gram, and Inter­net Call­ing Plan Apps (BOTIM, CME, and HIU). Here are the pack­age details:

Data1GB per day
PriceAED 49 includes VAT
Valid­i­ty28 Days
How to Acti­vateText “AC UMS” to 1012
Unsub­scribe methodText “AC UMS” to 1012 and Fol­low the instruc­tions
Renew­alAuto­mat­i­cal­ly renews every 30 days

Prices of Etisalat Monthly Social Data Packages

Eti­salat has a vari­ety of social pack­ages that allow cus­tomers to acti­vate based on their choice and bud­get. You can sub­scribe to these pack­ages using the giv­en acti­va­tion method.

Pack­age NamePriceValid­i­tyActi­va­tion Code
1 GB/Day Then @64Kbps Unlim­it­edAED 4928 daysText “AC UMS” to 1012
1 GB + 1 GB Social Data PackAED 10030 daysText “M1G” to 1010
3 GB + 2 GB Social Data PlanAED 15030 daysDial *101#
5 GB + 3 GB Social Data PlanAED 20030 daysDial *101#
25 GB + 15 GB Social Data PlanAED 50030 daysText “25G” to 1010
4.2 GB Month­ly Data Pack­ageAED 2530 daysDial *135*5# or *170#
  • Prices list­ed are exclud­ing 5% VAT.
  • Auto-renew­al is avail­able for most plans. Except the 25 GB + 15 GB Social Data Plan and the 4.2 GB Month­ly Data Pack­age.
  • To check the inter­net pack­age and data bal­ance dial *170# and fol­low the instruc­tions. You can also check by tex­ting “DATA” to 1010 – AED 0.30/SMS.
  • Eti­salat will noti­fy you at 50%, 80% and 100% of your con­sump­tion.

Social pack­ages are most impor­tant so that it saves the extra cost of acti­vat­ing an inter­net pack­age. If you use it with­out an inter­net pack­age then you will have to pay a lot of mon­ey which will be heavy on your pock­et.

These pack­ages are designed to ben­e­fit more social users. These month­ly social data pack­ages are valid for use on Face­book, Twit­ter, Insta­gram, WeChat, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Insta­gram and inter­net call­ing apps (BOTIM, CME, and HIU).

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