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Buying an iPhone on Installment in Dubai? Here’s How to Do It Without a Credit Card

Buying an iPhone on Installment in Dubai

Dubai, being an inter­na­tion­al busi­ness hub, pro­vides var­i­ous finan­cial ser­vices and facil­i­ties to peo­ple as per their needs. Among all these ser­vices, the facil­i­ty of buy­ing things in install­ments is also a good ser­vice, which is espe­cial­ly use­ful for peo­ple who can­not pay large sums at once.

Most of them are from the work­ing class and some peo­ple have come from abroad to earn income. If you want to buy an iPhone on install­ment with­out a cred­it card in Dubai, here are some meth­ods and infor­ma­tion that may be help­ful for you.


iPhone Installment plan by the bank

Buy the iPhone in UAE on install­ment from Banks.

Many banks in the UAE offer install­ment-buy­ing ser­vices. You don’t need a cred­it card for this. Just check with your bank and find out what kind of install­ment plans they offer. One thing to remem­ber is that you must have an Emi­rates ID before doing all this.

Important Banks and their Services:

  • Emi­rates NBD: This bank offers a vari­ety of install­ment plans that can be availed with­out a cred­it card. You have to cre­ate an account after which you can eas­i­ly install any iPhone mod­el, car, etc.
  • Abu Dhabi Com­mer­cial Bank (ADCB): ADCB also offers ser­vices that are acces­si­ble to cus­tomers even in the absence of a cred­it card. The bank also offers iPhones in install­ments to its cus­tomers.

Buy Now, Pay Later services

Var­i­ous e‑commerce plat­forms, tele­com com­pa­nies and retail­ers in Dubai offer “Buy Now, Pay Lat­er” ser­vices, includ­ing:

  • You can also rely on Cash on Deliv­ery: Some web­sites and stores also offer a “Cash on Deliv­ery” option.
  • You can choose a pay­ment plan in sev­er­al month­ly install­ments.
  • With tele­com com­pa­nies, you can get mobile phone install­ments with an annu­al con­tract.

Special iPhone financing plans

Some com­pa­nies and retail­ers offer install­ment plans specif­i­cal­ly for the iPhone. For exam­ple:

  • DU and Eti­salat offer mobile phones for instal­la­tion. You can check more plans by vis­it­ing their web­site.
  • iSTYLE: It is an offi­cial retail­er of Apple prod­ucts that offers a vari­ety of install­ment plans.
  • Sharaf DG: Sharaf DG also offers install­ment plans specif­i­cal­ly for the iPhone.

Financing companies

Many financ­ing com­pa­nies in Dubai offer dif­fer­ent install­ment plans. At first, you will get mobile phone install­ments from some of the above-men­tioned retail­ers or tele­com oper­a­tors but if you are fac­ing some dif­fi­cul­ties then you can also get phone install­ments from financ­ing com­pa­nies.


Help from friends or family

If you don’t have enough finan­cial resources for an install­ment plan, you can get help from friends or fam­i­ly.


Choice of bank services

To choose a bank’s ser­vices, you must first eval­u­ate your needs and the bank’s offer­ings. You can go to each bank and get infor­ma­tion about their lat­est scheme or plan. After that, you have to com­plete these things after which you can apply to get an iPhone instal­la­tion.

Necessary Documents:

  • Copy of Iden­ti­ty Card
  • Proof of res­i­den­tial address
  • Proof of finan­cial sta­tus (e.g. bank state­ment)

Application Process:

  1. Vis­it a bank branch or apply online.
  2. Pro­vide the nec­es­sary doc­u­ments.
  3. Start the install­ment plan after the appli­ca­tion is approved. By Now, a selec­tion of pay let­ter ser­vices

Popular platforms:

  • Ama­zon ( On Ama­zon, you can get buy now, pay let­ter ser­vices.
  • Noon: Noon also offers buy now, pay let­ter ser­vices in Dubai.


  1. Reg­is­ter on the web­site.
  2. Select a prod­uct.
  3. Select the Buy Now, Pay Let­ter option and start the install­ment plan. A selec­tion of spe­cial iPhone financ­ing plans

Popular retailers or telecom companies:

  • Du
  • Eti­salat
  • Sharaf DG


  1. Vis­it the retail­er’s branch or vis­it their web­site.
  2. Select a prod­uct.
  3. Choose a financ­ing plan and pro­vide the nec­es­sary doc­u­ments.

If you are using a DU or Eti­salat post­paid SIM, you will find it quite easy to get a call on instal­la­tion from them. Pre­paid cus­tomers can also get the iPhone on install­ments for which they have to sub­mit some doc­u­ments after select­ing the peri­od and they can get the mobile phone instant­ly.


Choice of financing companies

Famous financ­ing com­pa­nies:

  • AFG: This com­pa­ny offers a vari­ety of financ­ing plans.
  • Nation­al Finance Com­pa­ny (NFC): NFC also offers install­ment plans.


  1. Vis­it the com­pa­ny branch or apply online.
  2. Pro­vide the nec­es­sary doc­u­ments. Of which Emi­rates ID and util­i­ty bills are very impor­tant.
  3. Start the install­ment plan after the appli­ca­tion is approved. Opt for help from friends or fam­i­ly

If you do not have an Emi­rates ID, you will need to take the help of a friend or fam­i­ly mem­ber. He can get you a mobile phone install­ment plan with your Emi­rates ID.


  1. Talk to friends or fam­i­ly. Con­vince them that you will pay the phone install­ments on time.
  2. Buy the prod­uct with their help.
  3. Plan to pay in install­ments.


Mak­ing an iPhone install­ment plan with­out a cred­it card in Dubai is not a dif­fi­cult task. You can do this with var­i­ous banks, buy now, pay let­ter ser­vices, spe­cial financ­ing plans, financ­ing com­pa­nies, or with the help of friends and fam­i­ly. It is only nec­es­sary that you choose the right option accord­ing to your finan­cial con­di­tion and needs.

If you have an Emi­rates ID, you will not have any dif­fi­cul­ty in buy­ing a mobile phone pro­vid­ed you have to pro­vide com­plete doc­u­ments. I would advise you to take iPhone install­ments from tele­com com­pa­nies or retail­ers. From this, you will not have to pay an inter­est fee but it will depend on your install­ment plan and mobile phone mod­el.

Hi, I am Saleem Baloch and living in the UAE. After moving to Dubai, I got a lot of experience with telecom and travel here after which I started this blog. I personally tested eSims, physical prepaid and postpaid SIMs in UAE and share my knowledge with people.

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