Etisalat 2 Fils per Minute Data Plan *777*1# – Start/Stop Data Service

Are you an Etisalat prepaid user and need to use data occasionally? If yes then Etisalat has launched 2 Fils per Minute Data Plan for such customers where they will pay only when they use the data. With this offer you pay 2 fils for every minute you use as much internet as you want – there is no limit. Start/Stop Data Service can be the best solution for you when your data is wasted due to not using much internet!

Start/Stop Data Service

Etisalat Start-Stop Data Service means pay only for what you use! Many people know this offer by this code *777*1# or *777#. Prepaid customers have ‘Start/ Stop’ data when they needed which is a great opportunity. There is no internet data limit whoever you use data in MBs or GBs in minutes __ you have to pay only 2 Fils per minute of using the internet. Using this data plan, Internet speed is limited to 1Mbps and charges will be done when you use a minute.

Etisalat 2 Fils per Minute Data Plan *777*1# - Start/Stop Data Service

It can be great for watching videos, using social media and browsing websites. The customers will enjoy unlimited access to all sites at a very good speed, ensuring an excellent customer experience. Let us know how to subscribe, unsubscribe start or stop a data session.


Dial *777# to start or stop the data session. You’ll only be charged for the minutes you use, with no data volume limits, so you don’t have to worry about MBs or GBs.

The price of this service is AED 0.02 per minute (5% VAT excluded).


To Stop your session dial *777*2#.

Check Usage:

You can check your usage by dialling *777*3#.

Start/Stop Data Service Benefits:

  • Use with Existing Plans
  • Pay by the Minute
  • Data Saving
  • Low Minimum Charge
  • Protection from Extra Charges

Disadvantages of Start/Stop Data Service

  • No Data Sharing
  • Minimum Access Charge
  • Limited to Short Sessions
  • Pay-by-the-Minute Costs
  • No Long-Term Data Use

Whether you already have daily or weekly data plans, you can still use the Start/Stop data service. will do One thing to remember, when you use start/stop data session you won’t be able to share your data with other devices or people.

There is a small charge of AED 0.30 for the first 15 minutes. After ending your data session, you won’t be charged pay-as-you-go rates for the next two hours, giving you peace of mind. According to Etisalat, you can use this service like Pay-As-you-Go means pay when you use the service and it is best for low-end internet users.

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